What People Are Saying

Curious to see how God is using Tedd and Margy’s seminars in peoples’ lives? Below are some actual quotes from real people who have attended our seminars:

“It was excellent, timely and encouraging. I was especially impressed with his talk on giving our kids a big view of God. Awesome stuff, whether kid or not!”

“Biblical, cross-focused, and encouraging! Tedd Tripp gave a biblical perspective of parenting and brought helpful life experiences to the table to make his teaching helpful.”

“Tedd is clear, thorough, direct, humorous, in his teaching, gracious in his speech, and patient and sensitive in his answers to questions. Great job!”

“I want to be a parent more and I feel more equipped.”

“I really appreciated how Tedd broke down the text in Eph 6:1ff and walked us through why each word mattered. Those were great reminders for me, which I’ve since passed onto my kids.”

“The gospel is the driving force of biblical and godly parenting and parenting is helping our children to make much of God and live their lives in a godly way. Helping children to honor the Lord is what brings long-life and blessings.”