Shepherding a Child’s Heart in the Classroom

Christian School In-Service Topics

Dr. and Mrs. Tripp prepared the Shepherding a Child’s Heart in the Classroom material to apply the principles of Shepherding a Child’s Heart in a Christian school classroom management. This paradigm has been field tested at Immanuel Christian School in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Session 1. Getting to the Heart of Behavior                                      Dr. Tedd Tripp

Behavior cannot be understood in isolation from the heart. “It is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks.”  Christian school educators must embrace biblical methods of motivation, correction and discipline. This session is the foundation for Shepherding a Child’s Heart in the Classroom paradigm.

Session 2. Consequences: Sowing and Reaping                           Mrs. Margy Tripp

This session presents a fresh view of consequences; consequences rooted in rich biblical soil to underscore enduring truth rather than to solve the problems of the moment.

Session 3. Consequences: Sowing and Reaping II                            Mrs. Margy Tripp

This session provides a paradigm for using the sowing and reaping teaching of Scripture to underscore biblical principles in correction and discipline in the classroom.

Session 4. Talking to Parents about Heart Issues                             Mrs. Margy Tripp

A new paradigm for discipline, correction and motivation requires on-going consensus building in the community we serve. How to hold a fresh vision before the parents you serve.

Session 5.: A Theological, Sociological and Redemptive Community

Dr. Tedd Tripp

This session presents transforming “big picture” goals for the Christian School Classroom. Helping children learn to love God and others in the context of the grace and power of the gospel.