Seminar Feedback

“…A big thank you to the Shepherding the Heart Ministries on behalf of Grace Baptist Church and all who attended the seminar. God richly blessed the seminar beyond my expectation and I belief that many who attended the seminar would say the same thing. Especially the second session “Helping kids see the glory of God” was a highlight for me. I’m so grateful to God for your ministry and want to continue to pray for you so that many more families would be blessed through Dr. Tedd Tripp’s biblical teaching on parenting.

I would describe the seminar as having been a great feast on the Word of God and the Wonder of God and that woven in teaching of parenting, truly amazing. The only thing we regret is that we did not keep Dr. Tedd Tripp for the Sunday service.

There is so much more I want to say, but it is hard to truly put into words what I feel in my heart toward what happened in the seminar. It was so encouraging.

– Peter