About Hosting a Seminar

Hosting a Tedd Tripp seminar is an exciting way to serve both your church or organization and the larger body of Christ. A concentrated time of spiritual teaching and reflection can both expose sin and idols of the heart and to encourage hope in the grace and power of the gospel to provide forgiveness and empowerment. Many people testify that these seminars have been life-shaping events.

The Weekend Conference schedule is usually Friday night from 7:00 – 9:15 and Saturday morning from 9:00 – 12:30, (five teaching sessions, two on Friday night with a break and three Saturday morning with two breaks). Based on your needs we are willing to look at other configurations that might serve your community.

Seminar Host Responsibilities

After a date has been agreed upon, Shepherding the Heart Ministries will send the host church or organization a contract. SHM will also require a deposit at that time to secure the date. The following bullet points identify preparation that aids in hosting a successful event.

  • Establish a committee to care for the elements of hosting so each aspect can be done effectively (promotion, registration, preparation of handouts, refreshments, set-up of the facility, and so forth).
  • Securing a facility that is equipped with a high quality sound system, power point projection equipment, lighting, facilities for serving refreshments, child-care etc.
  • The host is responsible for promotion of the seminar not only in-house but also for the larger Christian community. This will include securing Christian radio and TV spots as well as a personal contact by a representative of the promotion committee with major Christian leaders and pastors in your community. Dr. Tedd Tripp will promote your event through his social media platforms.

Shepherding the Heart Ministries will provide photos, bio information, video clips as well as other ideas for promoting the seminar. We will also provide content descriptive of the seminar sessions that you may use in your advertising, brochures, website and other promotional efforts.

  • The host is responsible for the following seminar expenses:
  • Speaking fee (The standard fee for a weekend event is $3,000. A $500 deposit is due when the date is agreed upon).
  • Travel expenses (We will secure the airline ticket; the cost of the ticket will be invoiced when the airline reservation is made).
  • One night’s lodging (Dr. Tripp prefers a hotel/motel due to his frequent travel)
  • Meals

Suggestions for Hosting a Successful Seminar

An event committee is essential. There are too many tasks involved to simply pass them off to your normal office staff. You will need sub-committees for promotion, liaison with other churches and organizations, registration, preparation of handouts, child-care, refreshments and set-up of the facility. Much can be done to make this committee work a time for growth, development and camaraderie for the event committee. This is ministry, too.

Whether or not to charge a fee for the event is at your discretion, however, people will value the seminar more and be more committed to attend if they pay a modest fee for attending. Even if you decide to waive the fee for some groups such as single parent or members of your church or organization, people value things that have a price tag. Charging a fee will also help reduce the amount of money the event takes from your overall budget.

We suggest the following regarding refreshments. On Friday evening for the break at 8:15 p.m.; coffee, tea, water. On Saturday morning people will come back in a timely manner if you serve coffee, tea, juice, bagels and fruit for a simple continental breakfast starting at 8:30 a.m. It will help the first session start on time. For the first break on Saturday morning, coffee, tea, water and whatever might be left over from the breakfast. For the second break, just water is sufficient.

Offering childcare will help with attendance and increase the value of the seminar to the people you serve. If you do not offer childcare, people will decide which parent should attend. It will generally be the mother. The result often is that she returns home excited about things that her husband does not understand and has not heard. The ideal thing is for them to hear the seminar together and then take time afterward to de-brief each other regarding areas for needed growth and change.

Childcare requires a great effort. Some churches charge for childcare to defray the expense of paying childcare workers. Some church youth groups or college students can provide a lot of help. Grandparents and relatives are often willing to come in for the weekend to babysit children. Many children’s ministry programs see childcare as an opportunity for a mini-Bible school for the children they serve.

Shepherd Press, the publisher of Dr. Tripp’s books, is willing to provide a resource table for the seminars. Shepherd Press publishes a variety of titles that deal with family issues and the practical application of the gospel to everyday living. The resource table is another way to increase the value of the seminar for the people whom you serve.