Who is Margy Tripp?

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Margy was born in 1945.  Margy grew up in a pastor’s home in western Pennsylvania, graduated from Nyack (Missionary) College, and was married to Tedd Tripp on June 8, 1968. She is a pastor’s (retired) wife. Tedd and Margy have three children, two sons and a daughter. All three are married to great spouses who Tedd and Margy regard as their own children. They have three beautiful granddaughters and six handsome grandsons!

In the seventies, Margy and Tedd and their children had an open home ministry. Many single people and some married couples lived with them in those troubled years when so many were “trying to find themselves.” They had many opportunities for ministering the gospel in that context but, by far, God’s higher purpose was to show them their sin and need to know Him and live in light of His glorious grace.

Margy and Tedd founded Immanuel Christian School in 1979 after home-schooling their children for one year.  Margy served as principal for seventeen years, teacher, teacher supervisor, curriculum director and board member in the early years of ICS.  She is now retired from school life except for work on the Curriculum Committee, and she is picking up projects that have been on hold for many years. Traveling with “Shepherding the Heart Ministry”, Bible studies and counseling at Grace Fellowship Church, writing, and speaking consume much of Margy’s time. Spending more time with their children and grandchildren is a special focus for Tedd and Margy as well.

Grace Fellowship Church and Immanuel Christian School have afforded Margy many opportunities for a ministry of counseling over the years as well as developing materials and studies for children, ladies, and educators.  Margy remarks, “God’s mercy in redeeming me from my rebellion to know fullness in Him energizes me to study His Word and share the joy and freedom of the gospel with others.”