When we miss the heart, we miss the Gospel.

Shepherding the Heart Ministries is committed to the truth that the heart of the wellspring of life. For both our children and us, the heart, with its passion and desires sets the course of life. Every drive for meaning and significance originates in the heart. Read more →

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2016 Schedule


9-11, Des Moines, IA

Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators Mary Syversen (515)-830-1614 http://homeschooliowa.org

15-18, Denver, CO

Christian Home Educators of Colorado Conference Steve Craig (720)-842-4852 http://chec.org


20, Louisville, KY

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Samantha Beattie (502)-897-4098 http://sbts.edu

26-31, Medellin, Colombia

David Adams


9-10, Burlington, NC

Shepherding a Child's Heart Harvest Bible Church Ethan Willis (336)-584-3333 http://www.hbcburlington.net


7-8, Beaverton, OR

Instructing a Child's Heart OCEANetwork/SW Bible Church Ken Wanvig (503)-288-1285 http://oceanetwork.org

10-31, China


1-8, China

9-18, Singapore

18-19, Belmont, NC

Shepherding a Child's Heart Exodus Church Kathy Maas (704)-705-5509 http://theexoduschurch.org

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